What Color Deficient People See

What Color Deficient People See
I found this link today and its cool. Frequently we diagnose patients as being "color deficient" (or "colorblind", but we eye docs rarely use that term). Something like 8% of males are color deficient, so its pretty common. Color deficient females are much more rare, b/c the gene for color deficiency is carried on the X chromosome, and females have 2 X's. Males only have one X chromosome and one Y, so if their X is defective for color deficiency, then they are color deficient. Females would need for BOTH of their X's to be defective, which is obviously much less common than only having ONE defective X. Color deficient patients are referred to as "dichromats".

Anyway I digress. I found this link today and it attempts to show us non-color deficient people a simulation of what color deficient people see. Its cool:


My oldest son is color deficient, but he insists that his favorite color is "red". Look at the last picture on that link, the photo at the bottom of a girl in a red dress standing in a field of bluebonnets. To a dichromat the green of the bluebonnets appears to be the exact same color as the girl's dress , when in reality they are obviously not the same.

Matt can tell me that his favorite color is "red", but when he says that i always feel the need to add the words "...AND GREEN". I'm mean, right? lol


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