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  1. Hello there. I stumbled on your blog because I plugged in "opthamologist" in Google.

    I'm looking for answers to an eye twitch. I've read that they are usually harmless ect. I don't consume caffeine. But I do tend to stress and doctors tell me I have I don't sleep all that well. This twitch started about two or so weeks ago and it in the left lower lid. Closer to the tear duct..toward the nose anyway :).
    The affected eye is swollen around the edge of the upper lid and more puffy in the under eye area. It twitches off and on all day...every day. So annoying! The eye also just feels tired..if that makes any sense. There is also some pressure in and around my forhead and the affected eye and across the bridge of my nose. (I'm just trying to add things that may be of some use). I just had MRI and MRA of my head/neck/brain and ear due to Pulsitile Tinnitus in my right ear..all was normal. Thank God!

    By the way I'm a 34 year old female. I have an appointment to see an Opthamologist in about a month. I was referred there by my ENT. They want to check of Benign Intracranial Hypertension. I wouldn't even begin to know how they check the "pressure" in my head.

    I noticed that you are a fellow Christian. That's great to see!

    Thank you for your time.

    I'm not sure if you answer there from here or email..mine

  2. man i didnt know this comment was here! sorry! its july 9th & this may be too late but...

    the most common cause of lower eyelid twitch is myokymia or benign eyelid twitch. probably not blepharospasm b/c you said its "on & off" (blepharospasm is constant) & probably not related to fibromyalgia, or BIH (although i have no idea if you have those conditions or not).

    myokymia or benign eyelid twitch: caused by: lack of sleep, stress, caffeine. helped by: topical antihistamines (like alaway), warm compresses, more sleep, less stress, less caffeine


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