No Home Internet

spent all weekend with my wireless internet down. its still down, i'm blogging from work. wife & kids still at home with no internet.

i had previously emailed them (from dialup!) to report the problem: no response. so this morning i call them from work. w/o going into too much detail, imagine possibly one of the most infuriating tech support calls you've ever had (even tho i was super overly nice):

1st he "cant find me" in the system. argues with me over what phone number is "on the account".

then he tells me matter-of-factly that the problem is "on your end" b/c his tower works fine. no, its not "on my end" router broadcasts perfectly fine. my modem is not receving signal.

after that he tells me to reboot my computer, unplug the router, unplug the modem, right-click and choose "repair connection", yadda yadda yadda...stuff i've already done literally 10x in 3 days trying to get it to work. same old standard stuff that only works when the problem is on my end, which it is not.

so after i inform him that i've already tried all that stuff he SIGHS loudly right into my ear and says "we'll take care of it".

"what does that mean?", i ask. "will you call me? are you sending a service guy?"

BIG SIGH again.

no, he says. they're going to go look at he tower, but it looks fine from his station. "the problem is on your end", he ends the conversation with, about the 3rd time he's told me that.

wow. keep in mind this is the very 1st time i've ever called them. its not like i pester them all the time and they're tired of me. heck they didnt even know who i was since he "couldnt find me in the system".

but they sure dont mind auto-drafting my account every month. pretty darned infuriating.


  1. well its fixed. my beautiful and awesomely intelligent wife somehow worked her mojo. so maybe it WAS "on my end", but the tech guy was still kind of rude to me and not-very-patient. ah well.

  2. "my beautiful and awesomely intelligent wife", that's the best blog you've ever written! ;-)

  3. i'm just happy you "follow" me now lol


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