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Tips on Reducing Digital Eyestrain from Handheld Devices

For many of us, phones, tablets & phablets are the norm. Many of us work all day at a laptop or a computer, but almost all of us also use handheld smartphones or the like, both for work and at home. If you're like me, the tiny little white screen can actually be uncomfortable to look at, especially in low lighting. Here are some tips to help:

1) Enable Night Light (Android) or Night Shift (Apple). This feature changes your screen to allow less "blue light", which is annoying, causes eyestrain, interferes with sleep patterns, and may even be harmful to your eye. It turns your screen amber or "redder" during times of low light. You set your own custom timer. I have my Night Light set to be on from 7pm-7am. If your OS doesn't have this feature, you can download f.lux.

2) Reduce your screen brightness. This one is easy. Use the slider in settings. I find that "auto screen brightness" is not bright enough outdoors and too bright to reduce eyestrain…

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