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Keratoconus Caused by Eye-Rubbing?

Short version? NO. There is a significant genetic component.

Longer version: I recently read that KC is probably way more prevalent than we once thought. The newest studies show it's probably more like 1-in-400 patients instead of the previously-stated 1-in-12,000 or so. I was happy to hear this because prior to that I was seeing a LOT more KC patients than 1-in-12000. I just assumed it was our patient population (heavily Hispanic), but no, it was longstanding bad data. Then over the weekend I read this article by an MD who hypothesizes that KC is caused by eye-rubbing, which I personally very much disagree with. Eye rubbing is known to exacerbate KC and progress the corneal thinning and steepening of existing KC patients, but there is a LOT of data that shows it is genetic/inherited. The article isn't a study and doesn't present any real data to support the hypothesis. It's more of a "what if this were true - wouldn't that be a game changer!?" type of ar…

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