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Want to Know Why Drugs Are So Expensive?

Because of stuff like this. Drug companies will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to prevent their drug from going generic. This is shady as all get out, and I will probably not Rx Restasis anymore because of this. I like Xiidra (competitor) better, anyway:

SEP 08, 2017 Allergan uses an unorthodox maneuver to protect Restasis’ patents Allergan hassold the patents for Restasis to an Indian tribe in an effort to protect their top-selling dry eye drug from generic competition. The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe, a recognized sovereign tribal government in upstate New York, now owns the rights to Restasis and has granted Allergan exclusive licenses on the product. Under the terms of the agreement, Allergan will pay the tribe $13.75 million in initial payments and an additional $15 million in annual royalties. According to the press release, Saint Regis will file to dismiss any patent challenges "based on their sovereign immunit…

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