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Your Primary Care Provider Does Not Know About Eyes/Vision

I'm sorry, but they don't. They don't know whether you have pink eye or not (probably not) and they don't know whether you are 20/20 or not. This is not a knock on them, they have a lot to worry about.

I just had a patient who I saw last year and Rx'd glasses to, glasses that she is perfectly happy with, wears 18+ hours/day, and sees well out of to her knowledge. Until, that is, she had her vision tested at her annual PCP visit. The nurse told her at that visit that her vision was "20/60" with her glasses on and that she was not seeing well at all and needed to get to the eye doctor right away. Well This was news to her bc she had no symptoms of blur, and was just seen last Sept, when I told her she saw great and everything was fine. So she came in today for an eye exam and...she still sees great and everything is still fine. Her Rx is unchanged. She is 20/20 through her glasses, she is absolutely not "20/60".

So how did this happen? Here's …

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