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The 45 Year old Myope Contact Lens Wearer

We get these all the time. Every week. These folks have been nearsighted for 35 years so they think they know all about vision and glasses and contacts bc they're very "experienced". Here's how it usually goes:
patient: "I'm starting to get blurry vision and a lot of eyestrain when I read my tablet or computer. I think I just need a little more power in my contacts, you know?"
me: "Well you're 45 so it's probably not that you need more powerful lens. You might even need less powerful, and you almost certainly need reading correction, You know - bifocals.
patient: "BIFOCALS!? Aren't those for old people?"
me: "Most people need them by 45. But the easier thing is to just wear over the counter reading glasses over your contacts."
patient: "No I see fine up close. I'M NEARSIGHTED (usually enunciated very slowly and deliberately, to make sure we understand what their condition is, is if we somehow don't understa…

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