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Lens thickness and frame selection

The following is a reply I sent to a post on reddit complaining of thick lenses (ordered online) ,despite paying extra for high index:

"Actually the *single biggest* factor in whether your lenses are "thick" or "stick out" is fame selection. Yes Rx matters of course. Yes high index lenses are thinner.

You need to try to make your "frame PD" be the same as your actual PD or as close as humanly possible.

For example: your PD is 62. The ideal frame for you would be a 44-18. A 50-20 is going to produce thick lenses on the outside because of decentration. It's my experience that when left to their own devices MANY people will pick a frame that is too wide for their face.

A 69 PD needs a 52-17 or as close as you can get. There are other factors like squeezing your head or temples that are too long for you etc etc but your main goal if you're nearsighted and worried about lens thickness should be frame selection IMO"

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