so yahoo360, where i have a blog with 40,000+ hits, is closing. i have a month to start over somewhere else. i looked at wordpress, but i'd have to buy hosting...and i have to admit i'm a BIG FAN of free. some friends of mine Ross & Staci King use blogspot, so i figger if its good enough for them, its good enough for me. actually i know Ross pretty well and i figger if he's good enough, smart enough, and doggone it people like him, then i am too. probably. hopefully. i dont know...he's pretty well liked.

so here it is. i guess i lost those 40K hits i had. ah well, in my mind this is 40,001, even if the counter here just says 1. "the eye pod" wasnt available so i changed it to "my eye pod", which is weird b/c i'm about to drop itunes and ipod in favor of pocket tunes, imeem & amazon. i'm getting a palm centro from work, and i never really liked carrying a phone, and ipod AND a palm, so now i'll have all 3 in one. i chose a centro (over say an iphone) b/c:

a) i like buttons (to text with...hate texting with touch screens) and

b) i have medical software thats palm-OS based.

but the play on word "ipod" is too tempting, plus its what i've used since 2006 or whatever. i guess i could give you the basics again just in case i cant/dont get my old blog uploaded. here's the reader's digest version:

1) Christian
2) Husband
3) Father
4) Optometrist
5) Guitar Rocker that order. so this blog will mostly be about that stuff. i'm a certified orthokeratologist so i post about that quite often, and a contact lens specialist so i'm into that pretty well. i'm on the net as "princeidoc" (yahoo) and "AgIdoc" or Ag-i-doc" on various message boards, mostly optometry or Aggie sports related.

ok enough for a 1st post (40,001st?) thanks for reading!


  1. correction: 41,483 hits on my old blog. ay yi yi.


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