Gas Permeable Photochromic Lens

Gas Permeable Photochromic Lens
people as me all the time: "wouldnt it be cool if there were transitions CONTACTS!!??

well i think i just found them on the internet:

they're gas permeables ("hard" contacts) which will turn some people off, but still intriguing. they're also true photochromics, meaning they're dark when they're exposed to UV and light when they're not, so like transitions glasses they're un-usable as a driving option (b/c your UV is blocked by your windsheild). if you read the description it looks like they're light green normally, then turn dark blue when exposed to UV.

i emailed them to see if they still offer this product. i'll post their reply if they give one


  1. they replied. only for sale in Canada (rolleyes)


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