Sensitive Eyes Renu

2005 was the year Baush & Lomb had a recall with their "Renu with Moistureloc" brand of soft contact lens solution. since that recall B+L was forced to go back to marketing their older "Renu Multiplus" formula, which is a great formula but is not for everyone. some silicone lens wearers and some patients with sensitive eyes have problems using the Multiplus formula.

today we got our 1st samples of B+L's NEW contact lens solution, "Renu for Sensitive eyes", or "Sensitive Eyes Renu". Its so new i couldnt find a picture of it on the web, so i'm uploading a blurry photo i hastily took in the file room with my cell phone so you can see it. assumedly and knowing B+L's distributing practices this stuff will soon be widely available. apologies for the blurry pic, maybe i'll try taking another better one later & uploading it.

anyway i STILL get the occasional misinformed patient who tells me: "Renu is bad, right?". NO Renu is not bad. its perfectly safe and a very good line of products. the "Renu with Moistureloc" that got recalled is in no way related to either Renu Multiplus or this new Sensitive Eyes formula. different formulas made in different facilities. hopefully this one will be a good product! it sounds good!


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