Synergeyes is a relatively new HYBRID contact lens that I just got certified to fit. I had been using its competitor, Ciba's "SoftPerm" for ages. Softperm is an excellent product, and I will probably still use it some, especially since I know all about it and have had great success with it. Hybrids are contact lenses with a "hard" or "gas permeable center and a soft "skirt" or outside. It basically gives the vision of a gas permeable without the discomfort that goes along with it! The comfort is much more like a soft lens. But softperm has a few limitations:

1) only comes in one skirt curve, which is too flat for some patients, especially keratocones

2) sometimes tends to "break" at the junction between the hard center and the soft skirt

3) has a low Dk, or low oxygen permeability.

Synergeyes says they have fixed those problems. It comes in multiple skirt curves, has a reinforced "junction" between the soft periphery and hard center, and has a mugh higher oxygen transmission or Dk.

I just ordered the 1st set for a patient about 20 min ago. We'll see how they work!


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