I love this thing! A GDx is a piece of ophthalmic diagnostic equipment made by Zeiss designed to aid in the diagnosis of glaucoma. Its a scanning laser polarized measurement of the retinal nerve fiber layer (the layer of nerve cells in your eye that is damaged by glaucoma).

Anyway we have had one for I guess a little less than a year, and I am still frequently impressed by the technology. Patients who I was just sure they had nerve fiber layer loss based on the appearance of their optic nerve show to be normal, and patients who have what I considered in the past to be "normal" looking optic nerves and retinas, show up as having nerve fiber layer loss.

"GDx" stands for "glaucoma diagnosis". The equipment does not diagnose glaucoma in and of itself...its just another piece of the puzzle. But its getting to be a bigger piece in my mind. Its a very useful tool! I strongly recommend that anyone who has been told they are a "glaucoma suspect" needs to start calling around to find the nearest GDx and have the test performed. It could help save your vision!


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