The "Best" Contact lens

Which Contact Lens is "The Best"? THE ANSWER TODAY!
One of the most FAQ I get asked is "which contact lens is the best?" Or "which one is the most comfortable?", etc.

The answer is... THE ONE THAT FITS. And that is, of course, different for each patient. So many factors play a role:

EYE PHYSIOLOGY: Rx, corneal curvature, corneal diameter, corneal health

LENS PARAMETERS: base curve, diameter, thickness, edge design, optic zone size, modulus (stiffness), water content, material, modality, surface treatment, etc

Its not near as easy as "X lens is THE MOST COMFORTABLE". Every patient and every eye is different, and therefore what works for some won't work for others. This is why you need an optometrist's professional option to guide you, and this is also the reason we all charge a "fitting fee" or "evaluation fee".


  1. Some people have contacts made especially for dry eyes which are daily disposables because those let more air in if I'm not mistaken. However, here is the confusion I have:

    They also have contacts that you can sleep in because they allow for extra oxygen to get in. Why wouldn't a person with dry eyes wear these? If some people can sleep in them, shouldn't someone with dry eyes be able to tolerate them for 8-10 hrs per day? Why is the answer most frequently dailies?

  2. I have never heard of a "custom made" daily disposable. maybe that exists out there, but I don't think so.

    SOME people DO believe in "extended wear" contacts for use in a dry eye patient. I personally have not had a lot of luck with that treatment plan, but it is out there in the ophthalmic field.

    *I* think dailies work better for dryness b/c
    1) high water content (extended wear contacts have LOW water content)
    2) very thin (extended wear are usually relatively thick)
    3) not ever wearing yesterday's mucous, dust, pollen, lint, protein, etc

    1. I never knew that some people tried that to solve their dry eye more option to try. Thanks for your time, I appreciate your opinion and knowledge.

      (Also, my wording on my original post was confusing. When I said "contacts made especially for dry eyes" I meant they pick dailies especially due to the fact their eyes are fault!)


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