Optometry Exam Problem

i just realized something today. actually i've known this for some time but i was REMINDED of it again today and decided to mention it here.

you know how the dentist & dental hygienist pry your mouth open, then proceed to ask you questions"

Dental Hygienist: "so, how's your week?"
patient: " aye yi yo yo ya yer yak"

well we optometrists do pretty much the same thing! (no, not prying your eye open, although we do sometimes do that as well).

Optometric Assistant: "please remove your contacts, walk this way, sit here, read this, the doctor will be here in a few minutes to see you"

patient: "but *I* won't see HIM! and I CAN'T walk this way w/o my contacts! I can't SEE!"

many times when i come into the exam room the patient doesn't know what i look like. if they're a new patient this has got to be incredibly weird.

but...not really fixable. as annoying as that scenario is/sounds...its still probably the most efficient way to pretest a patient prior to an exam. ah well. just know that your O.D. knows you can't see him, till the end of the exam, anyway ;)


  1. I would love to know if you could help me, if i got contact lenses what would be the prescription for my eyes?
    here's the prescription for my eyeglass lenses:
    O.D. +0.75 -4.75 176
    O.S. +1.00 -1.00 167

  2. ah, you need someone to do a contact lens fitting for you. thats not enough information...thats a glasses Rx. need corneal curvatures, etc


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