Euclid Emerald

Euclid Emerald
since we do a fair amount of ortho-k and since i get emailed questions about it frequently...

i feel like i should disclose my favorite method of ortho-k and why i use it.

i've tried multiple different versions:

1) BE Retainer: good science, but tedious software, and must have a "compatible" topographer
2) Dreamlens: the 1st design i used. not bad
3) Euclid Systems Emerald: similar design to Dreamlens, but i just found working with Euclid to be a little nicer. they have good communication (i.e. answer my emails!) and good quality. Dreamlens had good communication as well, but i "clicked" better with Euclid.

I never could get into the idea of CRT, which is Paragon's version of ortho-k. i understand the design & it probably is a little more efficient to use a fitting kit, but it just sounds tedious. I've always used Bausch & Lomb's "VST" instead, which is what all 3 of those designs i listed above are. they are 3 slightly different versions of VST made by competing manufacturers. think of them being 3 different FORD dealerships.

anyway read more about Emerald:



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