See Clearly Method

I get questions about this all the time, and I found a good link about it:

Basically the "See Clearly Method" is a form of the Bates Method, which has been scientifically debunked many times over since it was written by Dr. Bates in the early 20th century. Keep in mind that the methods suggested, such as "sunning" and "palming" were invented in the time when the world's leading researchers assumed that the human eye perceived things by PROJECTING light onto them like a flashlight. We of course now know that the eye RECEIVES light and does not project it. We also have now known for at least 70 years now that the Bates Method, the See Clearly Method, and pretty much everything from the website is all complete nonsense and pretty much worthless in a clinical sense. There is no worldwide conspiracy among eye doctors to keep everyone nearsighted and therefore obtain job security, as the author of directly states.


  1. I have seen this phrase, or similar, many time, but I have never seen any actual scientific evidence. "the Bates Method, which has been scientifically debunked many times"

    Can you point me to the scientific evidence?



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