Bates Method

The Bates Method Again
Hydra and others on Yahoo Answers are advocating the Bates Method for improving your eyesight "naturally", so I'm going to revisit this topic.

Its crap, people. I don't know how else to describe it. Its old, bad science from 87 years ago (1st published in 1920), and it even suggests doing some downright DANGEROUS things for "therapy" such as staring directly at the sun! The Bates Method has been clinically debunked many times. It does not cure anything, and *could* even CAUSE permanent blindness, were anyone to stare at the sun ("sunning") or attempt to "cure" their glaucoma with "palming". Truth About Eye Exercises

Fallacies of the Bates System, by Dr. Phillip Pollack:

This is my blog, so I can call the Bates Method for what it is w/o being accused of "defamation", like I have been on Yahoo Answers (by Hydra). The Bates Method is total crap, debunked multiple times, written 87 years ago by a man who most AT THE TIME considered to be a quack. I certainly consider that to be the case in 2007.


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