Just Try it! You'll Like it!

like "Mikee" in the old LIFE cereal commercials.

if you go to the optometrist and get an exam, and they tell you that they are changing your Rx...when you get the new glasses you are obligated to try it. I never buy the "oh no this won't work!" complaint if you've only had the new glasses on literally less than 1 min, yet people try this seemingly all the time (couple of times a month).

just give it a shot. the doc knows what he's doing and this is the Rx YOU CHOSE during refraction...so we already know you like it. once we've quality-controlled the Rx to make sure its correct, just give it a shot b/c we're not going to "re-make" it until you've tried it a few days 1st.

you'll like it! trust us. we do this for a living. have some faith!


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