My Other Blog

I was going to entitle this entry "The Other Me", but that would imply I'm multiple personality...or maybe since I have an identical twin brother it might be making some twin joke, so I refrained.

I have another blog. its HERE

That's the website of a Christian radio station in Oklahoma that allows artists to upload a limited number of their original Christian music for free, and makes them available for streaming and download, also for free. Its pretty cool. They even have a "chart" where the most streamed/downloaded songs are at the top:


My twin borther & I have an entry this week, the song is called "Fly Away". We call ourselves "TACKAP" (its an acronym). Here is our BIO page:


and here is the link to our song page (currently only 1 song available for stream/download...its "Fly Away". But coming soon are more):

SONG PAGE - click to stream/download for free

so, anyway read up if you desire & click to listen to our music free!


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