Its Finally Here! 1-Day Acuvue TruEye

Well, its *almost* here. The FDA signed off on it and now we're just waiting on J+J to "release" it in the US & send us samples, etc.

1-Day TruEye is not really all that new. Its been available in Europe for some time...I remember someone asking me on a contact lens message board about it in *2006*. but it is new to the US market.

what makes it new & different? its the very 1st silicone hydrogel daily disposable. thats super interesting, as is kind of "solves" multiple problems: you get the hygiene, theoretical compliance & no-solution-allergy of a daily disposable combined with the oxygen permeability & all day comfort of a silicone lens. all in theory of course.

i have 2 concerns with this product, and i havent seen it yet:

1) cost. the 1-day acuvue moist is the most expensive daily disposable on the market. many patients are turned off by it for that reason. the TruEye has to be even more, wouldn't you think?

2) abuse. silicone lenses tend to be durable lenses with generally low water contents & high moduli. a silicone lens like O2 Optix will "last" and stand up to quite a bit of abuse, whereas a floppy/fragile lens like Biomedics XC will fall apart. most dailies fall apart rather quickly b/c of their high water content, plastic material & low modulus. but a SILICONE daily seems to me to be an "abuse-able" lens. seems like if it held up to more than 1 wear...patients would just wear it repeatedly, which negates the "1-Day" compliance. maybe J+J has made some adjustment accounting for this that I don't know about (but I doubt it). We'll see!

1-Day Acuvue TrueEye


  1. It appears the version available in Europe was narafilcon A. The US version is narafilcon B. Do you know what the difference is between the two?

    Also, the Dk/t for narafilcon B seems very low for a silicone hydrogel. Do you know why it's so low?

  2. thank you, and I did *not* know that 1 version was narafilcon A & the other was B. we have our samples of TruEye, but the info is not in the June TQ. I'll have to do some research

  3. Page 4 of the 510(k) Summary has a comparison between narafilcon A and narafilcon B. The main difference seems to be a much lower Dk for narafilcon B. It would be very interesting to know why they made the change. Maybe to reduce the modulus?

  4. Upon receiving my contact lens prescription I worked with my optometrist to do a round-robin comparison of Biofinity (30-day lens), Acuvue Oasys, Avaira enfilcon (2-week lens), Acuvue 1-Day Moist, and Acuvue Trueye 1-day. The key metric for me was eye comfort. My eyes seem to be sensitive to dryness-- a major reason why I stopped wearing original Acuvues many years ago.

    Of the five lenses I tested only the Trueye felt comfortable to my dry-sensitive eyes. To be more accurate -- the Trueye felt least uncomfortable of the bunch. All lenses have some level discomfort, but the Trueye was the only lens for which I had significant periods of "lens unawareness". I have been able to wear them for 15+ hours straight with only minor discomfort. The bad news is that these are the most expensive lenses of the five I tested.

  5. Ever get any answer about the Narafilcon B? I have repeatedly asked J&J. That they always find a way to not tell me, makes me think they are slightly ashamed of the reason. Also, they don't want consumers to know about or even get wind of it if they can help it.



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