BioTrue Contact Lens Soluion from B+L

Bausch + Lomb finally has a new entry into the soft contact lens care & solutions market: BioTrue. This is their first *new* entry into this market since the Renu Moistureloc debacle/recall in 2005

Interesting as I haven't heard anything about this until today. The website is not super informative. it just states that BioTrue "matches the pH of healthy tears, utilizes a lubricant found naturally in the eyes, & keeps certain beneficial tear proteins active". All great claims, but what we really really want to know is whether its compatible with silicone hydrogel contact lenses or not, as no B+L product right now is compatible. The BioTrue website doesn't say either way. Moistureloc was compatible with silicone, but of course it had a fungus problem. I bet BioTrue is compatible. I'd be surprised if they did all that R+D only to release another lens solution that wasn't compatible with half of the contacts currently available, including their own biggest line of products: Purevision.

I'm pretty excited for a number of reasons: new products are always good, as is competition in the marketplace. Can't wait to get some samples!

edit: here's more info on BioTrue from Contact Lens Spectrum:

"Bausch + Lomb (B+L) announced the launch of Biotrue multi-purpose solution across the U.S. Biotrue multi-purpose solution is bio-inspired to work like the eyes to help lenses stay clean and moist throughout the day, according to the company.
B+L reports that Biotrue was developed following intensive study on how the eye naturally works to clean, hydrate and keep itself healthy. It has exceptional disinfection properties, and is formulated to work like the eyes with three bio-inspired innovations. Firstly, it is pH-balanced to match healthy tears, helping to maintain the eye's natural condition and enabling optimal activation of Biotrue's dual disinfectants. In clinical trials 81% of patients who tried the solution said it felt like their natural tears.
The second innovation noted by the company is the use of hyaluronan, a natural lubricant found in the body and in the eye. This helps attract water to envelop lenses in a moisture-rich cushion and to stabilize the tear film and reduce friction. Even after 20 hours, a high level of hyaluronan has been shown to remain on both hydrogel and silicone-hydrogel lenses, helping to provide all day comfort. The third innovation is how Biotrue keeps certain beneficial tear proteins active longer. It surrounds and protects lysozyme, a protein found in tears, helping to maintain its natural antimicrobial activity and prevent denaturization. Additionally, Biotrue lifts and dissolves denatured proteins.
"By studying the eye, we're able not only to observe natural processes that have been proven evolutionarily, but we're also able to develop health care solutions that work with the body, rather than interfering with it," said Mo Merchea, Medical Affairs Manager, North America, Vision Care at Bausch + Lomb. "Biotrue uses the science of the eye itself, and therefore the lens care solution is optimally designed to work within the eye."
Biotrue exceeds FDA/ISO stand-alone procedure for disinfecting products and, according to information supplied by the company, it also has been tested against a broad range of bacteria and fungi, collected from clinically worn lenses, lens cases and infected eyes. It achieves consistently high log reductions against staphylococcus aureus, MRSA and fusarium solani and is also effective against acanthamoeba cysts and tryphozoites.
Beginning in this month, Biotrue multi-purpose solution will be available at retailers across the U.S. Biotrue features a clear bottle that allows the patient to track how much solution remains and comes in a range of sizes.

That article does specifically mention silicone hydrogel lenses, so thats promising!


  1. Michael

    Wait untli the solution hits the market and more importantly gets in the hands of external researchers who will discover that it's all smoke and waters. The solution contains 0.01% HA, which is significantly less than any other solution. The reason why you're asking. The solution contains two anti-microbials that are positively charged molecules (PQ1 and PHMB) and one large MW molecule (HA) that is negatively charged. Hmmmm...I wonder what happens to the biocidal after several months stored in a bottle? It will also be interesting to see studies focusing on corneal staining with Biotrue & silicone hydrogels. Still a problem that B+L hasn't been able to solve for years and it will continue to haunt them, no matter how bioinspired - consultants hired by WP at work here Biotrue is. Seriously, how many poeple know how comfortable their tears are? (Answers to forced-choise questions.) FDA had a real big problem with this solution and it was lucky to get approval.

  2. hey thanks for the comments! all very interesting!

  3. our B+L rep Crystal was here today...BEST. REP. EVER! :D She told me more about it, specifically that B+L has worked hard to solve the SiHi staining issue that Renu had, so that's good! Can't wait to try it! Samples here next week! Thanks, B+L! :P

  4. I tried this new solution at my eye doctors and at home. Though it felt very comfortable in the eyes, I'm an avid contact wearer, who never had problems taking them in and out (just drying when in) and I COULD NOT take the contacts out of my eyes. I had this issue multiple times that it was so frustrating I went back to my old solution. If they lube up your eyes so much that you can not take them out, it does not make a great product. Too good to be true unfortunately.

  5. we still don't have samples at our office 6 weeks later. I hear ya on the fact that BioTrue didn't work out for you, but that doesn't mean its a bad solution. it may still be great for someone else.

  6. Hey, your B+L Rep, Crystal..spoke way too soon about solving SiHi Corneal Staining. Seriously, basic chemistry..PHMB (the preservative) has demonstrated unacceptable levels of staining...BIOTRUE has 30% more PHMB than ReNu..we can ALL figure that one out..
    When the testing is done, I will not be surprised....nor should anyone else.

  7. well, we still have no samples! 3 mo later...

  8. I am an avid contact lens wearer. Had very dry eyes when I switched to this solution. I had a very hard time getting them out. I also encountered another problem. It made my eyes itch - like I had sand in them, couldn't stop blinking and things began to look a little cloudy. I had to take out my lenses. It took over an hour for my eyes to feel normal again. I don't think I'll be using this solution again.

  9. P.S. I've been wearing contacts for over 20 years and never had this problem with any of my other lenses or lens products.


  10. Any updates on the performance of this product? Are there more people that have had problems with it? How do the number of people that have complained compare to other branded products?

  11. i have no samples. i have no experience. i have no personal knowledge. have not been recommending it b/c i dont have any. but i have also not been critical of it, either.

    don't know.

  12. I wear piggyback lens, a hard lens in one eye and a hard and soft lens in the other. How will I use this new product? Will I soak the hard lenses or the soft lenses. The print on the box and on the bottle are so small and difficult to translate, I need an assistant, hopefully you, to give me a routine for this new improved treatment.


  13. i personally think piggyback wearers need to be in Clear Care and not use any chemical product.

  14. I just found out this blog post when doing some research on B&L BioTrue. Here is some more info even though the post is from 2010...

    You can read more in depth about BioTrue here (use categories on the left, there is also video on the bottom):

    StainingGrid is also a good reference point:

    Now, based on StainingGrid, BioTrue is better than ReNu, but still causes very high staining on most silicone-hydrogel lenses. Even on their very own PureVision. Not sure what differences are between old PureVision and current PureVision 2 as far as material and staining goes.

    After reading BioTrue documents i sort of understand what they were trying to achieve, but i'm still concerned about staining.
    The biggest problem is that there just isn't any real info on what staining can cause in the long run. Currently using PureVision 2 lenses and BioTrue. Still testing the free bottle that i got with lenses, otherwise i was using Alcon EverMoist (PureMoist in US) which worked well though...


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