The BigHorn Conference

To say that I'm not a "fan" of the renegotiated Big12-2 Conference is a severe understatement. The President & Admin of my beloved Texas A&M University threw the fans, alum & donors under the bus by taking our 90+% majority preference to go to the SEC and telling us to "shut up, we know what's best for you. You'll stay in the Little BigHorn Conference & you'll like it".

All for the promise of "magic bean" Fox tv money and a pathetic attempt at making UT look like the hero for God knows what reason. Nevermind the fact that donor $$ & ticket sales will plummet when they could have soared.

The whole thing makes me sick. It is very apparent that Texas A&M has one of the greatest fan bases in college sports, only to be usurped by Dr. Bowen Loftin, et al who are very obviously puppets for their "masters", the University of Texas & their AD.

Puke. Sad days to be an Aggie.


  1. ah, news today that Gov Perry is the one who "made the call" & called in his favors on the BOR no nix the SEC option. THANKS, UNCLE PERRY!


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