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a few weeks ago we got a new B+L product...a "Sensitive Eyes" formula of contact lens chemical MPS or multipurpose solution:

blog entry re: Sensitive Eyes

there was not much explanation on how "Sensitive Eyes" was different than the traditional ReNu Multiplus...only that Sensitive Eyes was the 1st new B+L MPS since the failed/recalled "Moistureloc" formula in 2005.

now today i stumbled across this article:

Bausch & Lomb Vision Care Strengthens Its Commitment to ReNu® Brand and the Eye Care Community

it talks about a kind of "Re-branding" of the Renu trademark name. apparently the older/traditional Renu Multiplus will change names and now be called "ReNu Multiplus Fresh Lens Comfort". Same formula, different name.

so how is the "Sensitive Eyes" formula different? well the article implies its the same formula as the Renu Multiplus Fresh lens Comfort, except diluted, and its not a "no rub" formula...a rubbing regimen is recommended:

"Proven to help provide gentle lens care for soft contact lenses, ReNu® Sensitive Eyes® features fewer ingredients and is intended to provide gentle cleaning without sacrificing performance and a high level of disinfection for healthy lens wear. It is specifically formulated to gently draw teardrops to the lenses and create a moisturizing comfort that results in less burning, stinging and irritation for the wearer. The suggested rub regimen also helps to remove potentially irritating particles"

not a bad move, seeing as how IMO Renu Multiplus is GREAT at killing bugs, but sometimes not-so-gentile for some folks.

still- i wish B+L had come up with a totally new formula specifically designed for use with silicone hydrogels (a la their old recalled "Moistureloc" formula and their competitor's and market-leading "Opti-Free Replenish". i guess they're still feeling burned by their 2005 attempt at entry into this market.

the B+L rep is buying our office lunch on Thurs a.m....too bad i wont be there to ask her these questions & talk more about it. but alas i'll be in Dallas taking my oldest son to college orientation & registering him for classes. he's an incoming freshman at University of Texas at Dallas.

the new Renu Multiplus Fresh Lens Comfort website:


  1. i just watched the "wear & care video" on the website. its excellent! a little lengthy, but a great demonstration of how to inset & remove soft lenses, as well as how to care for them. finally a good video i can recommend when patients ask & have trouble


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