Top 5 Yahoo Answers Optical Greatest Hits

5) "My eyes change color" or "How can I change my eye color w/o contacts?"

no, they dont change color. not when you're mad, not when you're sad, not when you wear green, not when you cry, etc etc ad neauseum. eyes dont change color. at all. and...there's no way to change your eye color on your own: not lemon juice, not honey or whatever else you've heard. there is a super-risky non-FDA approved surgical procedure that you can get at great expense in Brazil or some 2nd world country, but 99.9999999% of you cant afford it and nobody thinks its safe. plus it looks uber-fake.

4) "how can I improve my eyesight naturally w/o glasses, contacts, lasik" or "does Bates Method work?

you cant. the following methods have been proven to NOT work for reducing myopia:

leafy green vegetables
fish oil
st. john's wort/bilberry/ginko biloba/any vitamin or supplement
eye exercises
bates method/see clearly method
"resting" your eyes
magic beans
any other thing you have heard or read

some people can slow their myopia progression with ortho-k or "myopia control". but this does not "naturally improve" just slows the progression of a child in juvenile myopia progression, which is totally different. the Bates method has been repeatedly debunked. its old, bad science from a time when the leading ophthalmologists still thought the eyes "projected" light rays.

3) 'why are my eyes turning yellow? is it jaundice?"

probably not. probably pinguecula

2) "why does my eyelid twitch?"

myokymia or benign eyelid twitch. caused by: lack of sleep, stress, caffeine. helped by: topical antihistamines (like alaway), warm compresses, more sleep, less stress, less caffeine

1) "I have a glasses Rx and I want to buy contacts. How do I find out my BC, DIA?"

you cant order contacts with a glasses Rx. you have to PAY your optometrist to "fit" you in contacts and write you a different Rx specific to contact lenses


  1. But doesn't that new drug used to make your eyelashes longer and thicker have, as its side effect, the ability to change your eye color?

  2. ah, its true that Latisse & al prostaglandins can make an iris darker. but of course nobody wants "darker" eyes. its the brown eyed folks who want NOT-BROWN eyes, which is un-doable. but a good point! thanks for bringing it up!

  3. Good to know, and thanks. I ask because - believe it or not - I want my light brown (almost gold) eyes to be darker brown. So there IS someone out there who wants darker eyes!


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