Today TACKAPBAND became available for download from AMAZON MP3 STORE. Soon our physical cd will be available as well, but for now you can just get the mp3 downloads. So what are you waiting for? What's $3? ($2.97, actually :D ). Download it and share it with your friends! Consider it a "donation" to this site if I have helped you with some bit of eye information in the past! If you're waiting for Apple, it'll be another few weeks, I think. I'll blog again when we "hit" iTunes!


  1. although I can't say I'm thrilled with the section of "You Hold On" that Amazon arbitrarily chose for their streaming "sample". For the other 2 songs they appropriately chose a portion that contained the chorus. However for "You Hold On" they chose the 1st verse. It doesn't showcase the best part of the song (chorus), nor the 2nd best part (bridge), nor the 3rd best part (Bible verse), nor the 4th best part (2nd verse). It was just a poor selection and I'm a little irritated by it. I wish these places would allow *ME* to choose the section for the streaming sample, but they won't. Ah well.


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