Light Sensitivity

I guess it's about time I get back to "eye" blogposts, eh? Light sensitivity: it's in our top 10 most common complaints for sure, and there is not a lot of "real world" info out there on the net about it. Light sensitivity can be an important clinical diagnostic factor when assessing patients eyes, for instance in a known contact-lens wearer who has pain, blur & redness in one eye...if it's also extra sensitive to bright lights, that implies possible internal inflammation (iritis) and can change our management of that patient. But a lot of cases of "light sensitivity" are patients with light colored blue or green eyes and larger-than-average pupils. So when it's 105 degrees (like it is over most of Texas today...yeehaw!) they come in saying they're "light sensitive". Well...yes. You are. I agree. There is not much we can do about that, either. Wear sunglasses. So if you think you're "light sensitive"...we probably are not going to be able to do much about it if it's BOTH EYES and longstanding. If you've "always had sensitive eyes (both eyes)"...we believe you, but there's nothing we can do about it. We're more interested in your "light sensitivity" if it is in ONE eye and NEW. So many ocular problems can be narrowed way, way down to just a few diagnoses by asking the question "ONE EYE OR BOTH EYES?"


  1. My eyes have always been pretty sensitive to light, but for the last 2 months or so I've been doing this exercise called sunning whenever it's a sunny day (it is done with the eyes closed mind you), and now my eyes can handle sunlight way better than before. Do you have any explanation for how this works?

  2. "Sunning" is a very old portion of the "Bates" technique that I vehemently oppose. it not only does no good, but actually harms eyes. it does not make a person less light sensitive, sorry. it doesn't do anything except expose your face to unnecessary UV.

  3. Why are you against the bates method? I am short sighted and wanted to know if my eyes could be cured by this method as i have heard that it has been successful for many people

  4. I'm against the Bates method...b/c it's 100 years old and it has been repeatedly debunked. It doesn't do anything, and it certainly doesn't cure shortsightedness. There is not a "cure" for myopia. If there was 100 years ago when the bates method was invented....nobody would be nearsighted right now. We would all know and use the Bates method at home.

    But instead, there are still millions and millions (billions?) of nearsighted people b/c myopia is all genetic and cannot be "cured" by some flaky home eye exercises. Sorry if that sounds blunt, but it's fact. The Bates Method is old, bad quackery and it absolutely does not work. That's why I'm against it.


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