iTunes has TACKAPBAND!

If you are one of the many who was waiting for TACKAPBAND to be available on iTunes, the wait is over! As of this morning, iTunes lists us as an artist under their "Christian & Gospel" category, and has our EP available for mp4a download. You can even do it straight from your iPhone in the iTunes Store (the purple app labelled "iTunes"). There is no longer any excuse not to #google Jesus from your #iphone #droid and #blackberry! TACKAPBAND IN THE ITUNES STORE Listen to the samples! If you like it, please consider buying it! What's $2.97 to help my brother & I pay for this project? We'd really appreciate any support. THANK YOU all who made this possible! It's a dream of ours! Thanks for helping us live it!


  1. I am also much, much happier with the sections of the songs iTunes selected for sampling then Amazon did!


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