Myopia Control - It's Still Not the Tablet!

Almost everyone believes a few eye myths: "carrots improve vision" (they don't), "all red eyes are bacterial pink eye" (not even close), and "tablet use worsens your vision". I have already heard the following twice this week: "DR PRINCE - TELL MY SON/DAUGHTER THAT TOO MUCH COMPUTER USE IS CAUSING HIS/HER EYES TO GET WORSE! TELL HIM/HER THAT THEY NEED TO STOP SPENDING SO MUCH TIME ON THEIR TABLET/PHONE!" No, I will not tell your son/daughter that because it's not true. Time spent on devices may contribute to eyestrain and headaches, but they will not cause myopia nor will they worsen existing myopia. Everyone, and I mean everyone thinks it does, but it doesn't. That is not a thing. I know you "always heard" it was a thing, but it's not. Myopia is almost always GENETIC. Read more about myopia and myopia control here:


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