Foster Grant Mulifocus Reading/Computer Glasses

Saw these in Kroger again yesterday. I've seen them before and read about them before. On paper a decent idea: an inexpensive OTC solution for those of us over about 45 who work at a desktop computer all day and also need to be able to read small print. A "progressive" for the people. $35 instead of $400. I can understand the appeal. I tried them. They were horrible; I knew they would be. I have some amount of astigmatism and that's not going to work in the FG's. But would they work for someone? Do they work for the average user? The answer is: "kind of". If you are happy with your uncorrected distance vision (far away vision w/o any glasses on) and you have an "average" pupillary distance, then they'll probably work fairly well for you. Granted (Foster Granted?) they will not work for driving or anything far away, even looking across the office farther than 20 ft. The website describes 3 different viewing "areas": reading, computer, and "interacting". I presume the interacting portion is say 1/4 of the reading power, the computer portion is 1/2 the reading power, and the reading is the full reading power. Factors that may keep you from being able to happily use these: a pupillary distance of anything other than average, a sensitivity to the poor optical quality of polycarbonate, astigmatism, a need for any distance vision correction, or very high acuity demand.


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