Sometimes I Think Optometry is "Glaucoma Crazy"

I cannot tell you how many patients I have had who said something like this: "my last eye doctor was VERY CONCERNED that I could have GLAUCOMA! Yeah they made me do all these tests and then sent me to a specialist!" OK fine. I do the eye exam. They have great corrected vision, no defects on a screen field, no defects on a screen OCT, 15 pressures and (here it comes) a 0.6 cup to disc ratio OU. BAM! GLAUCOMA! Right? Wrong. Physiologic cupping. I would have never, ever told any patient their 0.6 cups "could be" glaucoma in the absence of any other evidence. That's asinine. It really roll my eyes when the patient says that they were told it "could turn into" glaucoma. Come on. These are docs who either know very little about the disease or are just paranoid. This happens all the time! I just want to scream from the hilltops "PHYSIOLOGIC CUPPING! IT EXISTS! Come on, people. Stop freaking out.


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