Optometrist Dr. Michael Prince is now at GREENE EYES in Bryan, TX

It has come to my attention that when patients call my old office in Huntsville, TX looking for me some of the staff say they don't know where I went when I left. No matter! here is all the info again! Michael Prince, O.D. greeneeyesbcs.com 979-775-4900 979-775-4949 fax https://www.facebook.com/greeneeyesbcs/ 725 E Villa Maria Road Suite 1500 Bryan, TX 77802 In the Bryan Tejas Shopping Center Next to HEB at the corner of Texas Ave & Volla Maria


  1. Dr. Prince, what do you know about superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis? I was just diagnosed today.

  2. well I know about as much as anyone knows: it's poorly understood in the medical profession. we don't really know why or how it happens. but we do know it's inflammatory so I usually prescribe steroids

  3. I am taking Lotemax twice a day and Restasis twice a day as well. My eyes are so stingy and constantly tearing and producing an awful discharge. Hopefully one day they will be able to figure out why people get SLK and how to get rid of it.


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