Acuvue Vita

Johnson & Johnson's entry into the monthly contact lens market. Acuvue Vita isn't released until July 5, 2016 but we have a kit in advance! Can't wait to try it on patients, probably today! I have heard a lot of good things about moisture and comfort as well as vision in this new lens. Plus it comes in the PLUS powers in the initial kit which is not only rare but also very appreciated by docs and patients alike! We have them to try right now at Greene Eyes in Bryan, TX


  1. 1st patient I gave trials to was +7.00! haha that never happens! Thanks for the plus powers, J&J!

  2. Dear Dr Prince, I am not commenting on this entry but I found an entry that really put me to ease that you posted on yahoo answers.
    I just took a DMV Stereo Optical vision exam. I was wearing my new RX glasses with my new Rx for distance (3/16/16) and one column of letters was not hazy it was totally blank. It was scary for me, and the DMV agents (Florida) were acting like its was very unusual and making me more scared.

    After reading your post which said
    " Best Answer: it doesnt matter if you keep both eyes open or not. most (all?) dmv's use a cross-polarized visual tester. its splitting the R + L image anyway, regardless of what you're doing with your eyes.


    just b/c a person does poorly with that type of visual testing does not mean they need glasses or even that they see bad. it may just mean your brain doesnt like cross-polarization.

    if you think you should "pass" but the dmv says "no", go get a note/form from your optometrist saying you're legal. i do this almost every day for patients. many people who see fine & easily are legal to drive fail the dmv vision screen b/c of that very artificial & somewhat visually-disconcerting cross-polarization method in those machines. you do not need to "learn to use your eyes together" to legally drive & pass the dmv test. if your acuity passes at the optometrist's office, they override that dmv vision screen device. just get a dmv form from your optometrist. this is super common

    I was so relieved.

    The DMV should have this on an information sheet because I know I am not alone, so they understand and do not panic the public.

    I would like to try (with your permission) to use your post and send it to the FL DMV so no one has to go through the panic I felt.

    My better email address is
    thank you
    St Pete, FL


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