$100 Rebate on Bausch & Lomb ULTRA Contacts Makes Annual Supply $140!

This is a great deal. The new ULTRA is my favorite monthly lens in both spherical and multifocal and I have been prescribing the heck out of it even before this new rebate offer, which is the best rebate I have seen in literally years. We sell ULTRA boxes for $60 each, making a year's supply (4 boxes) $240. Buy all four at once and B&L sends you a $100 rebate. That makes an entire year's supply of contacts less than $150! If you've worn contacts at all ever, you'll know that is pretty much the best deal going. Plus when you get the 4 boxes it comes in a little travel pack (that looks like a Happy Meal) and has a free bottle of B&L BioTrue solution. It's a pretty amazing deal. As an aside, alaway.com has a $2 coupon right now as well for you allergy sufferers like me (that site will not allow external links so you can't click there from here). I just printed and used it this morning because eye docs have allergies too!


  1. Looks like Vistakon is trying to compete in the 1-month market... they've got a brand new "Acuvue Vita" lens to compete with this one and Alcon's Air Optix. Might explain why B&L feels compelled to offer such a generous rebate.

    It is interesting to see the CL manufacturers develop new (or at least modern) 1-month lenses... I would not have guessed that based on the trends of the last few years. I guess the margin per lens is higher, but those 30/90 packs of daily lens boxes are like mini ATMs for those guys and the technical innovation around lenses like DT1, MyDay, and 1-Day Oasys has been significant.

    Once you go to daily replacement, it is very hard to go back to a monthly modality.


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