I Got a "Bad Batch" of Contacts

You probably didn't. You probably have an eye problem. Here's how this often goes: a patient comes in saying that suddenly BOTH eyes are very uncomfortable with contact lenses in, and they "move around". Patient thinks "bad batch", I think GPC. I just had a patient who bought their contact lenses from WalMart...the ones she got from us were always fine. The ones from WalMart were uncomfortable and were very easily ripped. Patient thought "bad batch". I figured out that although her written Rx from us said "Acuvue Oasys", WalMart had sold her (inadvertently?) Acuvue 2, which is totally different. Getting a "bad batch" is rare. Possible, but not the 1st thing I think of. I am usually thinking "eye problem" way before I consider "bad batch".


  1. Hello,

    Sorry for posting a question out of subject here but I searched your blog for a post about lens cleaners and cannot find anything. I was looking to buy a gallon size of lens cleaner to fill my 1 0z bottles, but don't want to ruin my lenses with some cleaner from Amazon. Do you recommend any? Anything I should be on the lookout for? I have Crizal lenses...not sure if that means anything. I know they are anti-reflective and polished on the sides.


    1. you're not going to really like this answer, probably: no lens cleaner is great. almost all of them have alcohol as the active ingredient, in various concentrations. well, alcohol is ok to use sometimes, and it works fast and dries fast, but it strips lens coatings off. not all at once, of course, or it wouldn't even be used as a lens cleaner at all. but it slowly strips the coating off over many uses.

      THE BEST way to clean your glasses, especially ones with anti-reflective coatings such as Crizal, is with mild liquid dish soap like Dawn. run the glasses under water, put 1 drop of Dawn on your finger and thumb and gently rub both sides of both lenses, then rinse with water. this removes grease and particles. the water should then "bead" up into droplets on the lens. then take a paper towel...DO NOT RUB THE LENSES WITH THE PAPER TOWEL! take an edge of the paper towel and lightly touch each water bead (NO contact with the lens itself) until they're all gone. this method takes a good 1-2min so it's not super convenient, but it works better than any other method and leaves zero smears, and will not damage the coating.

      so, to answer your question: which cleaner do I recommend? none of them. but if you have to choose one, choose the one with the lowest concentration of alcohol, I guess.


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