Automated Refraction

TOPCON CV-5000 We just spent big bucks on 2 of these, along with the corresponding topographer, lensometer, new EMR software (that's a topic for a different post...), new chairs, stands, the works. It's pretty cool. It has taken some time to get used to...still getting used to it a week later, in fact. There is a split-prism portion for measuring astigmatism that is unlike anything I have ever used or any patient has works pretty well. The whole thing has a pretty good "wow factor". PLUSSES: wow factor, intigrates with paperless EMR, very versatile. MINUSUS so far: LOUD. Haha those manual phoropters are almost soothing with their soft "clicks". This one has servos going ZZZZZHHHHHT! ZZZZHHHHHHHHHHHHHHT! ZHT! ZZZZHHHHHHHT like a bad printer cleaning itself. It relies on a bluetooth signal and a network and when those don't work it can get ugly pretty quick. Anyone else use these or have a doc who uses them? Thoughts?


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