Nikon Purchases Optos

Optos, makers of one of my very favorite optical technology equipment "Optomap" has been purchased by optics giant Nikon: Nikon Enters Medical Sector with Acquisition of Optos Wednesday, 04 March 2015 Nikon, the 98-year-old Japanese company best known for its cameras, has agreed to buy retinal imaging company Optos. Optos was incorporated in 1992 and is domiciled in Scotland. Optos is listed on the Official List of the London Stock Exchange. According to Nikon, the acquisition of Optos is an important step in the company’s implementation of its "Next 100 – Transform to Grow" strategic initiative, which is focused on driving sustainable long term growth. As part of this initiative, Nikon has announced its intention to enter the medical sector to leverage its optical technologies and know-how into the medical industry, which is a sector that offers a number of secular growth trends. The proposed acquisition of Optos therefore represents an important step for Nikon as it provides the establishment of a major footprint in the medical segment with a scale platform for future expansion, significant collaboration opportunities in product development, research, manufacturing and marketing, and a platform to expand Nikon's regenerative medical business. Kazuo Ushida, President of Nikon, said: "I am pleased to announce this strategically important transaction for Optos and Nikon. I am confident that an Optos/Nikon combination would create a world class "retina" player and would significantly benefit our respective stakeholders. Together, we will pursue various collaboration opportunities and further expand the medical business in the future." Commenting on the Transaction, Dr Peter Fellner, Chairman of Optos, said: "Under the leadership of Roy Davis and the management team, Optos has successfully established itself as a global leader in retinal imaging supported by the introduction of innovative new products such as the Daytona. During this period, our share price and financial results have shown material improvement and Optos is now well placed for further growth. Following the Transaction, Optos will become a key part of Nikon's future strategy to develop a global medical business and will continue to provide its market leading solutions to the patients we serve. We are therefore pleased to recommend this acquisition to our shareholders."


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