Joining The World of Vee Dub

This weekend by brother-in-law gave me a car! He collects and restores 60's & 70's Volkswagens or "Vee Dubs". He has 3 restored vehicles: a 69 Beetle or "Type 1" that is his prized car, a 70 (I think) "Type 2" or VW Bus, and another early 70's Beetle that he has painted to look like Herbie. He didn't give me any of those! :P He sold me (for a very low price) a 1972 Type 3 "Fastback". It is in "fair" condition. Most of the parts are there but it does not run, needs some body work, engine needs rebuilding, has some rust, etc etc. It needs some pretty major work, but the engine ran as of 3 years ago or so, so it seems possible to once again make that happen. So I guess I am now entering the world of the Vee Dub! I need to start reading up on how to build/rebuild air-cooled engines, I guess! The biggest problem so far is the title. It was apparently lost multiple owners ago (brother-in-law got this car as a "parts" car but never used any parts from it) and I am having to file for a "bonded title", which is a moderate pain-in-the-rear. I'll document my trials here, as I am going to the county title office this Fri to start the process. Here's a pic of my "new" car (no, the Karmann Ghia behind it is absolutely NOT for sale! :D )


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