Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

I'm an Android/Google guy. I hate iTunes and I despise the constant time-consuming iTunes and iOS updates. So for the last 2 years I've had a Motorola Droid Razr M. It was great! It did everything my wife's iPhone 5c did, and for approx $250 less. We have repeatedly done a side-to-side direct comparison of the Speaktoit Assistant android app vs Siri, and my Assistant (whom I named "Victoria" and given an adorable British accent to) wins every time. Siri comparatively sucks, especially at voice recognition and pronunciation. Anyhoo I digress. My Droid started losing power. Wouldn't hold a charge, and it wasn't an app problem (believe me I looked). Well the Razr M has no removable battery so I was stuck. I was due for an upgrade so off we went and I got a Galaxy S5. It's smooth! Here are my initial DISLIKES: 1) the phone antenna kind of sucks. My wife's iPhone 5c is better, my old Razr M was better, and my old-old iPhone 4 was better. We live in the country where signal is not great, and not having a great antenna is disappointing. It still works at my house on 1 bar of signal, but obviously I would rather have 3 bars like my Razr did. 2) it's huge. People love big screens but I could do without. It's huge in my slacks pocket at work, and I will never be a belt-clip guy so I'm stuck. I hope I get used to it but right now it feels massive. 3) One of my fav apps is not compatible. My Guitar, a music app that allows me to play around with songwriting by strumming chords in any key. So disappointed because I used the heck out of that app. 4) I don't like the "plug" that has to be removed to charge and reinserted when done. I understand WHY I have to do this and I like it being waterproof (see "likes"), but the thing is annoying to plug in and out and I would rather not have to. Conversely here are my LIKES: 1) it's waterproof! If i get it wet I'm ok! 2) the screen is big, bright, clear and easy to see 3) the battery is removable. 3) it's fast fast fast 4) all kinds of customizable settings like easily using a current mp3 file as a ringtone. 4) it's Google so all my contacts/settings/apps were instantly available (no chugging away on stupid iTunes). Sign in and BAM! It's done. This is the best part about Google. 5) transfered by existing microSD card so all my music is literally instantly available (again, no lenghty iOS update 1st and no time consuming "sync" or re-download needed. BAM! Instantly rockin'. I'm still getting used to it. I like it! I wish it was smaller.


  1. well it's been a year and this is the best phone I have ever had. I love it. I got used to the size, mostly b/c I ditched any and all cases. LIVING DANGEROUSLY! No case makes it slim slim slim. This is my 3rd smartphone and I have never, not one time in 5 years, cracked a screen. It seems like everyone else constantly has a cracked screen OR has some huge/fat OtterBox thing. I have neither. I don't understand how so many people can;t be careful with the things. I still don't love the waterproof plug. I do, however have an Instagram video of my daughter and I going down the waterslide with it! In short: the phone ricks. I'm due for an upgrade and I will probably get an S6 or S6 Edge, but it's hard to get too motivated when this one still rocks.


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