Droid over iPhone

I had an iPhone4 for 2 yrs. It was a good phone, and yet I just switched to a Motorola Droid Razr M. Why? A couple of reasons: 1) I was on AT&T and had very little signal out in the country where I live. Verizon is a little better (this is a service provider thing, not a Droid vs iPhone thing) 2) I hate iTunes. HATE. It's cumbersome, not-intuitive, and does too many things to prevent file-moving 3) I hate all the constant iTunes and iOS downloads 4) Droid Razr M was $50...iPhone5 would have been $300 Let's get down to it: they're really pretty similar. I didn't "hate" my iPhone, I just hated iTunes. I am a musician. I am absolutely not trying to "pirate" music. But I feel like iTunes treats me that way. They use multiple tactics to make it very difficult to get music onto your iPhone. If you don't buy if FROM iTunes or scan your own cd, they basically don't want you to be able to listen to it. Well that's difficult when your hobby is writing and recording music at home. I got my new Droid and was able to quickly & easily move some of my own mp3 demos over to the mp3 player on the Droid. It took like 2min, and I didn't have to use a third party software program to "convert" the file or anything. I didn't have to "trick" iTunes or my phone into moving it over. It was great. So that's my number one "plus" of Droid over iPhone. But there are others: I can add memory by changing the micro SD card. I can (and already have) decide to use a different texting app than the stock/default one. The microphone is not disabled when I have regular headphones in (not a headset), so I can still accept calls while listening to music w/o unplugging the headphones. The music player is not disabled when I take a call...so when the call is over the music resumes w/o pressing "play" again. And possibly best of all: I do not have to constantly download & install new versions of iTunes and iOS. I *really* hate doing it and it seems to come up every 6 weeks! ALL THE BLINKING TIME! iPhone & Droid basically do the same things, but I'm a Droid user now b/c moving music files around is easier, no constant downloads, and I saved $250.


  1. a comment after having the droid for awhile. the iphone 4 wifi antenna was better than this phone's. I can't use wifi in my bedroom b/c it's all the way across the house from the router. my old iphone4 was fine in this respect.


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