Depth Perception and Vision Correction

One of the most common complaints I get are about "depth perception". It usually goes something like this: "Doc my depth perception is AWFUL! I can't tell how close I am to the car in front of me when I'm parking!" While I agree technically that is a form of "depth perception", it's not one your optometrist is going to be able to do anything about. We can sometimes deal with "stereopsis" when things are held within arms length, but there is no special Rx I could write for the "depth perception" while parking your car. "Depth perception" problems past the length of your arm are generally unfixable with any optical method or device. For those tasks you have to learn to be good at other visual cues like optical occlusion and parallax...things that I can't write you a prescription for. Unfortunately some people are born good at it and others need practice...but your eye doc can't really help. Sorry!


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