No More Systane Samples

edit 4/23/2012 - This post was originally about how we were informed that we would not be receiving any more samples of Systane, and how disappointed I was. Today our new Alcon rep showed up and gave us samples of everything! Pataday, the entire Systane line, etc. So we're happy again. I wish they would have told us a rep was on the way, instead of just cutting us off with a letter saying "you aren't getting any more samples". I was in the dark and incorrectly assumed they just weren't sampling that product anymore (which they have done before, so there was precedent there). Anyhoo...nevermind. Systane samples are back!


  1. well one of the Ciba contact lens reps (CIBA now owns Alcon) told me this week that Alcon is just "re-doing the way they send samples" and that we could get samples again someday. That would be good news!

    Except that Alcon has done this before...stopped sampling things permanently like this. we'll see...


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