Myokymia Again

I've blogged about this before, but I have a current bout of myokymia going on for 3 days now with my left upper eyelid. I know what mine is from: both too much caffeine and not enough sleep. I slept in this morning but that didn't stop it yet. Next up is topical antihistamines and tonic water. I'll let you know when it stops & see how long it lasts & if I can figure out what stopped it edit: Wed 5/2/2012...still twitching...never got around to buying any tonic water. Just been trying to get more sleep. Maybe I'll buy some today. Also haven't been using antihistamines except for a few times at the beginning. Going to try that again right now. edit: Fri 5/4/2012: still twitching on & off. Been on Lastacaft once a day for 3 days & it hasn't helped. Bought tonic water today. Still not really sleeping enough so I know that's the problem. edit: Sun 5/6/2012: only slept about 6 hrs last night. Still twitching away. I'm doing this to myself haha edit: Mon 5/14/2012: it stopped sometime over the weekend, can't pinpoint exactly when. so I had it for about 2 weeks this time


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