more on EKC (viral keratitis)

in June of '09 I blogged about using betadine to treat viral keratitis:

Treat EKC with Betadine

I've had good success with this therapy. It works. However, patients generally hate it. Betadine burns. It doesn't just burn when you put it in, it burns for the rest of the day. Plus a lot of patients opt out: when I tell them "this is going to burn", they tell me they don't want to do it.

I just read an article in the Feb 2011 Edition of Refractive Eyecare Magazine about new EKC treatment options:

New Directions in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Viral Conjunctivitis

At the end of the article the author recommends ganciclovir gel (brand name Zirgan) for the topical treatment of viral keratitis. Zirgan is intended for the treatment of herpes simplex keratitis (a different virus) but the author claims efficacy against adenovirus as well. I'm definitely doing to give this a try.


  1. i started a patient on Zirgan today for adenovirus. hopefully I'll remember to come back & post how she did

  2. pharmacy called. they can't get it for a WEEK. wow. that sounds a little long to me.

  3. im a student at UHCO, tried to use it on a patient, same thing from the pharmacy. would be nice if it was more available


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