got our samples of Lastacaft, Allergan's newest entry into the topical antihistamine market (ant-allergy eye drops).

Designed for once or twice a day to relieve ocular itching, redness, tearing, etc associated with seasonal allergies. This is not a new market, just a new entry. I'll try it & maybe post again, especially if its significantly different (better or worse) than any of the other ones already out there (Patanol/Pataday, Bepreve, Optivar, etc etc etc)


  1. It's indicated for only once daily use. Trust me, you'll only need to drop it once in the morning. If works like a charm! I love it!

  2. i've been using it daily for a few weeks now - good stuff! my wife & i were discussing the pretty-bad aftertaste that Bepreve has, and Lastacatft DOES NOT have a bad aftertaste.


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