This'll be a LONG Week

besides kids & family, I have 2 hobbies:

1) music - guitar, bass guitar, home recording, etc


2) TEXAS A&M FOOTBALL. I am a true "fanatic" as I can list all of the players on the 2-deep and much of the entire roster from memory, live & die with every recruit to commits to the Aggies or ditches us for an enemy, watch every win on tivo in excess of 10 times, analyzing every play & re-living the glory, but instantly delete every loss never to be tortured again by it, etc. seriously I have a "problem" :D

anyway Sunday Aug 8 starts fall drills for the Aggie football team. I have been in Aggie sports limbo since the baseball team lost in the playoffs to Miami in May, and football is so close I can smell it.

so yeah. Long week. can't wait.


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