Soft Ortho-k? (aka "Softo-k")

this is cool:


Basically they are experimentally using inverted high-minus high-modulus (stiff silicone) soft contact lenses for an orth-k effect! Brilliant. I may try this soon in my own office.

Benefits that I can immediately see:

1) COST: those lenses are not expensive
2) COMFORT: an inverted lens is not awesomely comfortable, but could be more so than a custom gas permeable ortho-k lens
3) NOT CUSTOM: could use lenses that we have in-office for immediate dispense


1) the big one is that in that article the most they've ever done is -1.75 diopters of myopia. I routinely do -5.00, so that's kind of limiting right there

2) limited number of fitting options. since they're not custom, it'd have to be an average cornea, which is again limiting

3) vision though the lens. one of the "perks" of accelerated ortho-k is that at no time in the day do you see poorly. you see well with the lenses off during the day aftr your cornea has been reshaped, and you ALSO see well through the custom-made gas permeable orth-k lenses while they're on. with soft ortho-k (can I coin the term "softo-k? haha!) they're using a -9.50 soft silicone lens on a maximum amount of myopia of -1.75 diopters. that's nearly an EIGHT DIOPTER difference. so won't see well with the lenses on.

I'm still likely going to try it soon, tho!


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