Bowl Games

my Texas A&M Aggies play Georgia in the Independence Bowl in a few days. unfortunately i'm pretty jazzed about it. i say "unfortunately" because it seems like every Aggie game that i think could be a turn-the-corner/gain momentum type game...we get not only beat but blown out/totally embarrassed on tv.

please, please, please prove me wrong, Ags. i'm beggin' ya.

to add insult to injury, the t-sips (t.u., texas wronghorns) lucked into the national championship game with Bama by hitting a 49 yd FG in the Big 12 Championship game vs Nebraska after time had expired... buuuuut the refs put time back on the clock after reviewing film...which of course was illegal b/c that is not a reviewable play. if you read the rules, its not like basketball where you can look at the clock to see how much time is left. there is a very unique & specific set of instances in which a play can be reviewed, and "checking to see if there is time left on the clock" is not one of them.

so yeah. ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. kept it a close game on offense & defense, no joke. but had an utter special teams meltdown: KOR for TD, blocked punt to set up another TD, missed FG, *blocked* FG, and snap-over-punter's-head to set up yet another TD. gave GA 24 points. feel decent about our team heading into next year...but obviously do not feel good about special teams...

  2. ah, sips deservedly lost big. whew


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