Zeiss i.Terminal Mobile

We just purchased the brand new Zeiss i.Terminal Mobile. It was installed last week and we trained on it yesterday. We already had an i-Terminal 2, so we are familiar with the technology. There is not a more accurate or precise method for measuring progressive lenses. You haven't owned a good pair of progressives unless you've been measured with the i.Terminal, that is how strongly I feel about this technology. I won't ever go back to the old methods myself, and I don't recommend anyone buy progressives without using this system. I can't say enough about it - it's far and away the best technology out there for glasses. As far as I know we're one of the only practices in the Brazos Valley who use this system. When the information is digitally sent to the Zeiss ophthalmic labs, it seamlessly integrates with their progressive lens products, which have been specifically designed for use with this system. It's not only cool, but also super, uber precise. Okay I'll stop ranting about it. Suffice it to say: Greene Eyes is the place to go in the Brazos Valley for the best possible progressive lenses!


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