Allergic "Pink Eye"

It started this morning for me - I awoke with both eyes itchy, watery and goopy as heck. Most people jump to "pink eye", go to their PCP who confirms the diagnosis and prescribes antibiotics. Also since it's Spring, somewhere on someone's blog or article someone is going to mention "allergic pink eye". There is no such thing. Pink eye is a lay term but it strongly implies viral or bacterial infection. It doesn't help that the word "conjunctivitis" has become synonymous with pink eye, so a diagnosis of "allergic conjunctivitis" means "allergic pink eye" to a lot of people,which is still in their mind a form of pink eye. If both eyes are itchy and watery and even (as in my case) goopy with mucous, it is probably allergies. A true "pink eye" infection usually doesn't start out with both eyes having equal symptoms. You probably need an eye care professional to help you, but if it's Spring, and if you are itchy, and if both eyes start itching at the same time, it is unlikely that you are "infected". Try $10 OTC antihistamine eye drops (Alaway is my personal preference) first before you show up at the 24 Hr emergency clinic. And if you do seek medical attention, try the optometrist first instead of the PCP.


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