Coke Bottle Glasses

People are obsessed with this! I get 2 questions a day about them. "THESE GLASSES WON'T BE COKE BOTTLE WILL THEY?" No, they won't. Let's talk about coke bottle glasses: They pretty much don't exist in 2016. Yes, I'm serious. Everyone knows that the "worse" your prescription is, the "thicker" the lenses are. That's true, but it was a much bigger problem in prior generations when lens materials were limited to crown glass and CR-39. More recent materials, the use of flatter base curves and better frame fitting and lens edging equipment have made this much less of a problem. There are other factors as well: most high myopes are in contact lenses now, when they weren't prior to about the late 80's, so a bunch of the people who were wearing "coke bottles" before...aren't now. They're in contacts instead. Also, only high prescriptions were ever thick. I get people with literally a -2.00 Rx asking me if their glasses will be "thick". No! You'll never, ever be thick. The people with coke bottle glasses (the ones with high Rx's) started out very early. You can't get there from the lighter -2.00 Rx's. Going from -2.00 to -2.25 (or -2.50 or -2.75 or -3.00 etc etc etc) will never be "coke bottles". You need to get into the -8.00 range before we're talking notable lens thickness, and again most of those are wearing contacts anyway. Plus with the frame styles that are popular right now, any lens thickness not taken care of by high index lens material is usually hidden by the plastic frame. Basically you all are worrying about nothing! Almost nobody leaves our office with "coke bottle glasses" haha so you can rest easy!


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