Biennial "My Favorite Contact Lenses" List

Right now in Aug 2016 here are my go-to soft disposable contact lenses: BEST OVERALL LENS: Acuvue Oasys One Day. Supreme comfort, vision and safety. Its one knock is cost. A close second is Alcon's Dailies Total One (even more expensive!) BEST DAILY DISPOSABLE: See above (Acuvue Oasys One Day). BEST 2 WEEK LENS: Acuvue Oasys. Two week lenses are pretty much going the way of the Dodo. No longer big sellers. Most docs are moving away from this modality, probably because it's too hard for patients to remember their schedule and be compliant. BEST MONTHLY: Bausch & Lomb ULTRA. I am loving this lens right now. Very comfortable, very good optical quality, and currently has a great rebate, making it one of the least costly options. The new Acuvue Vita is a close second. BEST TORIC (ASTIGMATISM): Air Optix for Astigmatism. Still the best and most stable toric design out there. BEST DAILY TORIC: Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus for Astigmatism. Good lens, terrible name. BEST MULTIFOCAL: Bausch & Lomb ULTRA Multifocal. This is a great product for presbyopes (patients over 40 who need bifocals or reading glasses). The comfort of the ULTRA material in a multifocal design that works well. And that's it for now! Let me know what you think!


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