U8 Smartwatch Review and Help w/ "Please Install BT Notifier in Smartphone" Error

Ok so I have blogged about these cheap Chinese smartwatches before, which I am a fan of. Here's my review of the M26, and here's the update for the "Please Install BT Notifier in Smartphone" Error. I liked my M26, I did. It wasn't perfect, but it mostly worked, and for $35 it's hard to complain. I used it all day every day for 6 months UNTIL...the band broke. Specifically the little groove that holds the pin that holds the band on got "stripped". A new band or a new pin will not help. So! I was going to just re-buy the M26 but I found the U8 for $18 (!) on Amazon and took a chance and boy, I'm glad I did. PROS: It is smaller and thinner than the M26. When I unpaired the M26 and paired the bluetooth with the U8 and the software I already had (see link above for "Please Install BT Notifier in Smartphone" Error blog post), everything immediately worked! The screen is brighter and nicer than the M26. The 1 button is firmer. I like this watch a lot. CONS: there are only 3 watch face settings, and only one of them is digital, the other 2 are analog watch faces with hour and minute hands. Well the one digital watch face is MILITARY TIME! And as far as I can tell this is unchangeable. There is no setting I can find to make it be not military time. So right now as I type this the watch says "14:18" (2:18pm), which is a little weird having never served in the military. I'm getting used to it, as the digital face is the only one that shows the date. It's not so bad. Also once a day or so I get an error that it has disconnected from my Galaxy s5, however all functions seem to still work even after this error, so I have been ignoring it. I still get my texts, emails, weather, etc "pushed" to the watch even after the once-a-day disconnect error. Whatever. I am liking this one better and for $18 its pretty cool and fun! If you have questions, please comment below!


  1. OMG. I got my cheapo Chinese knockoff smart watch today and was very sad that the BT notifier apps on the Google Play store didn't seem to work. I finally found this and BLAMMO!!!! It works! So happy! Wanna bake you a cake, dude.

  2. yay! glad it worked for you. now about that cake... :D


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