Acuvue 1-Day Define

Acuvue has a new color-enhancing lens out. It's a daily-disposable lens made of their very popular "Etifilcon-A" material. It's an older, plastic material but it has performed well for them and in a daily-disposable modality material probably doesn't matter as much since in theory the lens is never being slept in or re-used. The reps say it makes the eye appear "larger", which is actually true b/c it darkens and expands the appearance of the "limbus" or outer ring. I was skeptical but I agree when you look at it the eyes do, factually appear larger. It works. It also makes the iris appear "more interesting" by subtly inserting the appearance of varying colors. It DOES NOT change your eye color. If you have brown eyes this will not make you look like you have blue eyes or green eyes. It just makes your eyes appear larger (more "doe-eyed") and more interesting. More "defined", hence the name.'s interesting! I'm not sure how well this is going to go over for 3 reasons: 1) The color contact lens market has been shrinking for many years now. Will a new product give us an uptick in patient interest? I don't know. 2) The lens does not change your eye color. In my view, MOST people who are asking about colored contacts are people with brown eyes who want blue/green eyes, which this lens does not do. And 3) this is not a new material. Acuvue doesn't get to advertise how great and new and comfortable and healthy, etc etc etc their "new" material is. Etifilcon-A is a tried-and-true material that has been very popular in the past (same material that Acuvue-2 and Acuvue 1-Day Moist are made of)...but it's not shiny and "new". Anyway, more types of contact lenses are better than less so we eye care professionals are always looking to offer people more options! We'll see how well it goes.


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